Chicken Pox Immunisation for children above 12 years of old

Chicken Pox Immunisation for children above 12 years of old

Chicken Pox can be a very uncomfortable and potentially hazardous infection both in childhood and in adulthood if you haven't been exposed to it as a youngster.  


We can protect you and the family with Chicken Pox immunisation safely in our modern pharmacy.  Get in touch with us to book an appointment - we can book ahead to fit your diary or help with a same day appointment if that is more convenient.


  • Course: The course consists of two doses, the second dose being given usually between 4-8 weeks after the first.
  • Boosters: Further boosters are not advised once you have had the full course of immunisation.
  • How it is given: The vaccine is usually given in the upper arm.
  • Side effects: A range of mild side effects are possible, such as fever, a sense of lethargy and sometimes a digestive upset. In some cases it may cause a mild chickenpox-like rash.
  • Age restrictions: The chickenpox vaccine is suitable for patients from age one up to the age of 65. It is only recommended if you have not had chickenpox.
  • Please note: This vaccine is not suitable for pregnant women or women who are trying for a baby. The chickenpox vaccination should be administered on the same day as the MMR jab, or allow at least a 4 week gap in-between these vaccinations.


Please note that two separate immunisations are required for this vaccination programme. The price quoted is for one immunisation only.