Return to U.K. PCR testing Day 2 (in clinic)

Return to U.K. PCR testing Day 2 (in clinic)

Day 2 Test Kit Instructions 


Thank you for purchasing a Day 2 PCR test kit from us. Instructions for
1. Fill out the “Client Details” form sent to you by email and email it
back to the pharmacy at
2. Receive your MEDIS-booking reference number by email and fill it
in on the form included in your test kit box. Unfortunately at this
stage refunds are no longer available due to lab registration fees.

3. Come to the pharmacy for your test at the agreed time 

4. Your test result would be sent to you  by email within 72 hours. 


Please email ( or call us (01225 466454),
opening times 9am-5:45pm Mon-Fri) with any questions, or if you
haven’t received your result within 72 hours.