Hepatitis B Immunisation

Hepatitis B Immunisation

Protect yourself from Hepatitis B with a course of immunisations at Pulteney pharmacy. Get in touch to book - we can see you same day or book ahead to suit your diary.


  • When to get vaccinated: Remember that you need time to complete the course of three doses, so to get everything done in time it's best to start out with the first dose as early as you can.
  • Course: The course consists of three doses. The second injection is given four weeks after the first and the third injection needs to follow five months later.
  • Accelerated course: If you are travelling at short notice, you may be able to get an accelerated course where you receive the second injection seven days after the first, followed by the third injection at least 14 days after the second.
  • Boosters: Once you have completed the course, you usually won’t need another booster for five years, but boosters are sometimes advisable after exposure to the disease.
  • How it is given: It is given as an Injection in the upper arm.
  • Side effects: Possible side effects include soreness at the injection site and sometimes generalised side effects such as tiredness.
  • Additional precautions: If travelling to a country where medical resources are scarce, you may wish to carry sterile needle packs with you in case you run into any problems and need to be admitted to hospital.  It's also important to use condoms every time you have sex to avoid catching hepatitis B. We can help with all supplies.
  • Risk if you contract hepatitis B: Hepatitis B can cause a range of flu like symptoms as well as more serious damage to the liver, causing jaundice and potential long term (chronic) damage to the liver, leading to very serious complications.
  • Age:  We can provide this immunisation to anybody from 16 years of age.


Please note that the full immunisation programme for Hepatitis B requires 3 separate immunisations for full protection.  The price quoted is for one immunisation only.

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