HPV Immunisation

HPV Immunisation

  • Who can get vaccinated: Ideally vaccination against HPV works best if it is undertaken before you have sex for the first time, because you are protected before you are first exposed to HPV.  However, you still benefit from the immunisation if you have had sex.
  • Course: Depending upon your age, you will need either 2 or 3 doses.
  • Boosters: Boosters for HPV are not currently recommended.
  • How it is given: It is given by injection in the upper arm.
  • Side effects: Mild side effects are not uncommon, and include symptoms of a mild fever, headaches and dizziness.  In most cases any side effects are mild and short-lived.
  • Age restrictions: The HPV vaccine (Gardasil 9) is suitable for children over the age of nine, and for women and men up to 45 years of age.
  • Additional precautions: To reduce the risk of HPV exposure (and of course any other sexually transmissible diseases) condom use is advisable every time you have sex. It is also important to address other sexual health concerns, and we are happy to assist with advice or signposting. Of particular importance, women should attend smear tests regularly.


Please note that 3 immunisations are required for full protection.  We will help find convenient appointments to allow you to receive the full course of immunisaions to protect you from HPV.  The price quoted is for one immunisation only.

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