Return to U.K. PCR testing Day 2 and 8 (take home Kit)

Return to U.K. PCR testing Day 2 and 8 (take home Kit)

PCR return to UK Day 2 test Take home kit (purchased before travel). £99 

PCR return to UK Day 2 test  in clinic (purchased before travel). £119 

PCR return to UK tests Day2  and. 8 (purchased before travel) £169



Day 2 and 8 Test Kit Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a Day 2 and 8 PCR test kit from us. Instructions for
1. Fill out the “Client Details” form sent to you by email and email it
back to the pharmacy at
2. Receive your MEDIS-booking reference number by email and fill it
in on the form included in your test kit box. Unfortunately at this
stage refunds are no longer available due to lab registration fees.
3. Follow the instructions included in the test kit box to take your
swab sample and place it in the provided plastic bag.
4. Fill out the remainder of the form (top, right side, and bottom).
Don’t forget to fill in your sample date and time.
5. Place your form and bag with swab sample in the box, and seal it.
6. Place the sealed box into the provided plastic envelope, which has
been pre-addressed (but not pre-paid, see point below).
7. The lab instructions say at this point to take it to a Royal Mail box.
However, we have found this method of transport to be unreliable,
and instead we ask you to take the plastic envelope to the Post
Office and mail by Special Delivery (1pm next day). It usually costs
about £7.65. Please keep the tracking number handy.

The free postage by Royal mail is also available if you wish to choose that option.

That’s it! Please email ( or call us (01225 466454),
opening times 9am-5:45pm Mon-Fri) with any questions, or if you
haven’t received your result within 72 hours.