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Vitaros (alprostadil) cream

Vitaros (alprostadil) cream


Vitaros (alprostadil) Cream is a prescription medication used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. It is a topical cream that contains the active ingredient alprostadil, which is a synthetic form of prostaglandin E1.


Vitaros works by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis, allowing more blood flow and leading to an erection. It is applied directly to the tip of the penis using an applicator, and typically takes effect within 5 to 30 minutes. Unlike other ED treatments, Vitaros does not require an injection or the use of a vacuum pump, making it a more convenient and discreet option for many men.


Vitaros is suitable for men of all ages and can be used regardless of the cause of the ED, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or psychological factors. It is also safe to use in combination with other medications, such as nitrates, alpha-blockers, or antihypertensive drugs.



It is important to note that Vitaros is not a cure for ED and does not protect against sexually transmitted infections. It is also not recommended for use by women or children.


Vitaros should only be used as directed by a healthcare professional, and it is important to read the patient information leaflet before use. Common side effects may include mild to moderate pain, itching, or a burning sensation in the penis. These side effects usually go away on their own within a few hours. In rare cases, Vitaros may cause more serious side effects such as fainting, dizziness, or an allergic reaction. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.


Overall, Vitaros is an effective and convenient treatment option for men with ED, and is available for purchase with a valid prescription from your healthcare provider.

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