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Getting ready for that special trip? Please check our blog for further updates

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Making sure you have enough medication before you travel

It's obviously very important that you get enough medication to take abroad with you. When you are getting ready to go away you don't need the hassle or worry of dealing with complicated requests for prescriptions, so we'll do it for you and take the strain away.

Give us a few days notice we'll contact your doctor to make sure that you get a proper supply - not just enough to last the trip but enough to cover you on your return. We're happy to make sure that everything is sorted as far in advance of your trip as you want - Let's make it easy so you can settle back and focus on that great holiday!

Immunisations and Specialist Travel Medicines

It's really important to check that you're protected from any disease or illness when you travel away from home. We can sign post the steps you need to take, whether its for advice about malaria prevention, updating your immunisations or taking special steps for just-in-case medicines. If we need any medical guidance we have specialists on site to give you the best advice possible so please don't hesitate to get in touch before you leave home.

Do you need a doctor's letter to take medicines abroad?

When you're travelling abroad you may be asked to provide evidence that your medicines have been supplied by a suitably qualified doctor or pharmacist to satisfy border checks. It can be worrying to travel far from home without