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Being in Bath - we love it!

Updated: May 8, 2019

Pulteney pharmacy is situated in one of Bath's most historic medical practices! The Pulteney Practice was first established as a GP practice back in 1924 and has served many generations of Bathonians from it's historic site.

We're blessed to be working with the dedicated medical team at the practice - we love being on site because we work really closely with the GPs, nurses and admin teams to really get to know all of our patients. We work as a real team and it shows. The trust and respect we have developed over the years helps us work seamlessly to give you the very best service.

If you're passing you're welcome to step inside for a sit down, find a few minutes peace inside our historic building, even if you just need a place to rest for a few minutes. We're here and on hand to help you in any way possible.

We want you to feel really welcome as part of the Pulteney Family Practice.

Pulteney Street in the Snow.


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